Welcome to Spingarn High School's Website!  Spingarn is closed for record please call 202 576-7756, we ask all alumni to register on the site for update. We ask all alumni to register on the site with address and year of graduation.

Mission & Vision


The mission of Spingarn Senior High School is to partnership with students, families and the community and to provide grades nine through twelve a rigorous, meaningful, and relevant education, which prepares students to become productive members of their community in an ever changing society.


Our goal at Spingarn is to develop a learning community that utilizes parental, student, staff and community involvement to assist students with graduating in a four year time frame. This community will provide shared governance by all stakeholders. The program will be culturally sensitive and will reach out to all members if the surrounding community. There will be research-based opportunities for teachers to enhance their understanding of the students they serve and all major decisions will be data-driven. The school will utilize community liaisons and resources to enhance student learning. 

News & Announcements

Spingarn is Closed
The building is still stand strong. There have been reports of fires.
Spingarn Closed
During the closing of Spingarn SHS transcript call 202 576-7756 or Spingarn STAY call 202 442-4800.
We Have A New Website!
Please take a look around and get familiar with our new site.
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